Field Day, 2014!

by k9am on July 2, 2014

David-K9AM-FD-2014David and I attended the K9MOT, 2014 Field Day during 28-29 June, at the Motorola Schaumburg campus. David made his first SSB contact, using the KX3 transceiver in the GOTA station, set up by Ed, N9EP. The weather cooperated, with only one storm around sunset. Also, there were lovely breezes all day long.

We used the antenna range at far SW of the property and I think the location was better than the old hill on the other side of the corporate tower. Plenty of antennas were strung up and we had many helpers and operators and we were in the 2A class. I operated as an overnight CW operator, my usual operating slot, and stayed on 40 meters, where I eked out contacts until the ‘Dawn Patrol’ relieved me at about 6 AM.

The final tally of contacts is nearly 1400 and several were made on satellites and also on battery power for those extra points. Oh yeah, our first satellite contact was with NA1SS, the International Space Station! That was the work of the very capable Adrian, AA5UK.

There were too many events to recount but I hope that we can have the same venue next year as it worked out perfectly. (Thanks and a tip ‘o the hat to Jerry, N9GGO for permission to use his photo.)



by k9am on March 8, 2014

Working Great!
Working Great!
I picked this up at the last hamfest for not too much money and according to the sticker inside it was built in October of last year. It’s measurements seem to be right on. I loaned out my Autek RF-1 last year and I think the guy must have dropped it cause it is flakey. I ain’t loaning out my new (to me) ‘259! Unfortunately, I can’t use it at the base of my 160 meter vertical as there are too many strong BC stations nearby. Then I use my hot bridge with 10 watts or so going through it. Anyway, you can get some gud sh— stuff if you keep your eyes peeled.


A Trip to the Sterling Hamfest- Sunday, 3 March

March 4, 2013

At the last minute on Saturday night Greg (K9QI) called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Sterling ‘fest the next morning. I said yes having nothing pressing happening on Sunday. The ride over was a bit more than two hours through some light fog and the hoar frost on the trees […]

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LaPorte “Cabin Fever” Hamfest

February 25, 2013

Last Saturday, February 23, we mounted up and rode down to LaPorte to attend the ‘fest. Greg – K9QI and David (N0CALL) and myself had a great time and met some nice people. This event does not have an extensive menu but always has something on offer that we need. For example, the “banana mic” as […]

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Mid-Winter Interclub SwapFest in Brookfield, WI

February 18, 2013

Greg – K9QI, David and I traveled up to Wisconsin this past weekend, on Saturday, 16 February. The ‘fest was held behind the  the PBS resale shop in a warehouse area and took up about half of the available space. We walked through several times and spent about one hour there. Items purchased: Greg bought some […]

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50 relays?!

February 16, 2013

On advice and counsel of my buddy Jim, N7US I bought some relays, 50 to be exact. It sounded to good to be true, but for $5, I couldn’t afford to pass it up. sealed SPDT low power RF relays gold contacts 24 volt, 8 milliampere coil, ideal for remote powering through thin wires 10 […]

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Tools used in the test area

February 15, 2013

Gents, I was just noticing the most used tools here in our electronic lab/test area. So I photographed them. Let me give you a hint: they are NOT the network analyzers. It’s pretty revealing.

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“Leaning Death Stick of Lake Marian”

February 11, 2013

At least that’s what W6LSN calls it. Darn it! David noticed this as we got in the truck to go to the bus stop this morning. This happens about once a year. I guess my son and I will righting it this evening if it doesn’t break in the mean time… It really needs a […]

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